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Cat Registration and Ownership

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Cat Registration and Ownership

Caring for your cat and complying with laws is a major component of being a responsible pet owner.

Registration and renewals

It is a legal requirement for all cats older than six months to be registered. Registrations for one or three years are due on the first of November each year. Lifetime registrations are also available.

Cats should always wear a collar with current registration and identification tags. This will help in safely returning your cat if it is ever lost. If the owner of a cat cannot be identified, it may be transported to the City’s Cat Management Facility.

Cat owners found to be non-compliant with these requirements may face a $200 infringement and fines of up to $5,000 if prosecuted.

Registering your cat for the first time

To register your cat please complete the registration form:

Please note:

  • All cats over the age of six months of age must be micro-chipped prior to registration.
  • The owner of a cat that has reached six months of age must ensure the cat is sterilised by a vet.
  • Payment is due at the time of application (payment options are listed on the registration form).
  • Concession rates are available for eligible concession and pension cards.

If you are unable to register your cat online or in-person at the City of Canning Civic Administration Building, please call us on 1300 422 664.

A certificate of registration will be mailed to you with a registration tag.

Registration renewals

Registrations for one or three years are due on the first of November each year. Lifetime registrations are also available.

Registration fees

  Full Concession

Sterilised 1 Year



Sterilised 3 Year



Sterilised Lifetime



Any new 1-year registration made between 1 June and 31 October is subject to 50 per cent off the registration fee. This is due to the registration expiring on 31 October in the same year, regardless of registration date.

Concession cardholders

Concession cardholders receive 50 per cent off their dog registration fees. The applicable concession and pension cards are:

  • Pensions Concession Holder
  • State Concession Cardholders
  • Commonwealth Seniors Health Card plus a WA Seniors Card

Transfer a registration

Cats registered with another council can transfer their registration for free.

When transferring, the applicant must show proof of registration with another council, sterilisation, and microchipping, if it isn’t evident on the previous council’s registration certificate.

Change of ownership

If you sell or give your cat to another person, you must complete the Notification of Change of Ownership form within seven days of ownership transfer. This includes cat breeders.

The new owner is required to register their cat. They must complete an application form, which includes the current registration number and tag number. You will be issued a new certificate as proof of registration.

Please ensure all microchip details are updated when changing ownership.

There are no fees associated with transferring ownership.

Cat breeders

If you are a cat breeder or wish to become one, you must apply for a certificate of approval from the City.


To be eligible to breed cats you must:

  • be over 18 years of age
  • have a suitable facility to breed cats in a safe and ethical way
  • be a member of one of the following groups and supply written confirmation of membership with your application:
    • The Cat Owners Association
    • Feline Control Council of WA
    • Australian or National Cats


Please complete an Application for Cat Breeder for each cat being kept at the property. The fee is $100 per cat.

Breeder’s certificates are valid for 12 months from the date of registration.


All unsterilised cats need to be registered as per the Cat Act 2011 and can only be registered for 1 year.

When a cat is sold or given away, the seller must ensure the cat is microchipped and sterilised prior to transfer. If the cat cannot be sterilised due to its health or age, the seller must issue a prepaid sterilisation voucher to the new owner.

Any cat that is transferred (including those under six months) must be micro-chipped and sterilised unless they have a medical exemption.

A cat does not have to be sterilised if the seller believes the cat is being transferred to an approved breeder or if a sterilisation voucher is provided. A prepaid voucher for sterilisation is used in the case where a cat is too young to have the procedure performed (before a vet will undertake the procedure).

For further information please refer Cat Act 2011, specifically Division 4 – Breeding of Cats.

More information


All cats older than six months must be micro-chipped prior to registration. Microchipping is a quick, safe, and simple procedure which can be carried out by your local vet.

If we find your lost cat, we can scan your cat’s microchip to get your contact details and re-unite you as soon as possible.

Please remember to update your details in the microchip owner database to ensure we have the right contact information.

Sterilisation and vaccination

Cats older than six months must be sterilised by a vet. It is also recommended that you vaccinate your cat yearly.

If your pet details have changed or if your dog has pass away, please complete the relevant form:

Please download the Responsible Cat Ownership brochure (PDF 2MB) to learn about your responsibilities as a cat owner.

Thinking of buying a cat or kitten? Please download the RSPCA Smart Kitten and Cat Buyer’s Guide. Please consider:

  • Installing an outdoor cat enclosure.
  • Vaccinating your cat.
  • Ensuring your cat wears a collar and bell.
  • Keeping your cats inside. Cats being kept inside reduces their risk of catching disease, fighting, and being involved in road accidents. The Happy at Home project provides tips to keep your cat safe and happy at home.

If you and your pet become separated, or you have found a wandering cat, please contact Ranger and Community Safety Services on 1300 422 664.

We need to prepare for the safety of our pets in times of emergencies and natural disasters.

Pets need their owners to keep them safe in an emergency. You must plan and prepare for the safety of your pets, livestock, or other farm animals before a potential natural disaster affects you.

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