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A crossover is the part of a driveway which connects your property boundary to the road.

It is the property owner’s responsibility to construct the crossover and maintain the crossover to the City’s requirements.


Before any works on the crossover start, please complete the Crossover Application Form.

The City will approve the application if it meets the City’s requirements (outlined below).

There is an application fee of $566.39 (including GST) for the current financial year 2023/2024. This fee covers the application processing and an inspection of the crossover once completed. Extra fees may apply if:

  • the crossover is constructed without an approval
  • the completed crossover doesn’t meet the City’s requirements.


We have developed standard drawings and specifications to help you meet City’s requirements:

The use of recycled construction and demolition materials is encouraged for crossovers. Visit the Sustainable Construction Materials page for more information.

Cost contributions

The City will contribute a maximum of $579.90 for crossovers meeting the below requirements:

  • The crossover is the first crossover for the property.
  • The crossover is constructed to the City’s requirements.
  • The crossover is subject to a Certificate of Title or official land ownership record.

If you are upgrading an existing bitumen residential crossover, the City can contribute 50 percent of the construction cost (up to $579.90). The upgrade must meet the Residential Crossover Specifications and Drawings.

To request a cost contribution, please download and complete the Request for Council Contribution for Crossovers Application Form (PDF 220KB) and then lodge the application online.

Maintenance / damage

If your crossover has been damaged due to works undertaken by the City and requires maintenance, please submit a report online.

Visit the crossover damage page to learn more about how to fix other minor damage, like cracks.

To learn more about crossovers, please download the information sheet (PDF 210KB).

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