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Contractor induction

Suppliers and Contractors
Contractor induction

All contractors working with the City of Canning must complete the Contractor Induction.

The induction informs you and your team of our Work Health and Safety requirements to ensure a safe workplace.

If you are a company representative or owner, please direct all your employees who will work at the City of Canning to complete inductions.

Companies must complete the company registration process before any work begins. Employees or sole traders will also not be allowed on site without a valid induction card.

The induction is free and there is no limit on how many employees can complete the induction.

Induction steps

1. Company registration

Register your company online.

Once your company is registered, you and your employees will need to complete your individual safety inductions.

Sole traders will need to both register their company and complete the employee induction.

The same email address can’t be used to register a company and then used by an employee to complete induction. It must be a unique email address.

2. Employee inductions

Employees must register online before undertaking the induction.

Following registration, you can login to the Online Induction. You can upload your tickets and licences to this induction system.

Once induction is complete, your induction card is printed. Your company will be notified when the card is ready for collection from the Depot at 47 Fleming Avenue in Cannington.

Need help?

If you are having trouble with the induction or have a question, please email us.

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