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Wanju Welcome

Wanju Welcome Neighbourhoods is the City’s action plan to create welcoming neighbourhoods, where everyone feels like they belong, can be themselves and help shape Canning’s shared story.

City of Canning’s 16 neighbourhoods are dynamic, each with their own unique characteristics, aspirations and opportunities. Our City continues to be one of Western Australia’s most multicultural and inclusive communities. It’s a place where people of all backgrounds and abilities are welcomed and encouraged to thrive.

The project seeks to welcome (“Wanju”) everyone, celebrate the diversity of our community and nurture connections between people. It’s about working together to breathe new life and vitality into the neighbourhood to ensure it is safe, vibrant and accessible.

Our current projects include Wanju Welcome Queens Park and Wanju Welcome Bentley St James.

Engagement Background

A neighbourhood approach is a new way to make great places.

It champions a holistic and integrated approach to help shape the fabric and character of a neighbourhood, to enhance neighbourhood connection and give people who live and work there a sense of wellbeing and belonging.

It is about celebrating the neighbourhood stories from the past, connecting to stories in the present and working together to help conceive and create potential stories. A core idea is encouraging community-led neighbourhoods that encourage people to take ownership for shaping the neighbourhood story.

Helping people get involved is important because we know people’s experience of belonging is directly correlated to subsequent willingness to contribute to the ‘common good’ or be engaged in the life of their community.

Our welcome process helps get the community involved by triggering an instinctive feeling that galvanises people into action. A process that acknowledges we have a shared responsibility in welcoming people to the neighbourhood.

How does this work?

Our welcome process (PDF 230KB) helps put people at the heart of the story:

  • Welcome Events – Community events, activities or programs that create opportunities for people to connect with one another.
  • Welcome Stories – Celebrate stories of diversity in our community.
  • Welcome Pods – Places of welcome for the neighbourhood to gather.
  • Welcome Teams – Neighbourhood teams to initiate community-led welcome events and help shape Council-led projects.

Our welcome actions and process generate strong local welcome stories, nurture connections and improves neighbourhood satisfaction.

Wanju Welcome gets people involved and ties all neighbourhood activities together, supporting the community-led rejuvenation of the neighbourhood area, and engendering community pride.

Welcome Stories

Neighbourhood and Engagement Team

Our team help champion the Wanju Welcome Neighbourhood approach and are the key primary liaison between community and the City in Queens Park and Bentley-St James.

Who is the neighbourhood team?

Ellie Efijemueh
Community Development Officer – Queens Park  

Jayde Robinson-Clancy
Community Engagement Officer – Bentley St James

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