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Australian Citizenship Ceremony

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Australian Citizenship Ceremony

There are many advantages to becoming a citizen of our sunburnt country. Anyone living in Australia for four years with a valid Australian visa, including the last 12 months as a permanent resident, can apply for Australian Citizenship.

The City holds regular ceremonies throughout the year and every effort is made for candidates to attend the first available ceremony. However, the City of Canning has an approximate wait time of three to four months.  The ceremonies are held at the City's Administration Centre.

The Department of Home Affairs is responsible for the allocation of recipients to their ceremony.  The City will receive listing of allocated recipients before each ceremony. A written invitation will be forwarded to each recipient 4 weeks prior to your ceremony date. 

Making the citizenship pledge is a formal ceremony conducted by the Mayor or Deputy Mayor of the City of Canning. At the Citizenship Ceremony, you will also be required to complete an electoral enrolment form which registers you on the electoral roll and allows you to vote.

Urgent or Online Ceremonies

All ceremony allocations are completed by the Department of Home Affairs so any early or urgent ceremony requests must go through the Department for approval. The Department does not allow Councils to hold private or urgent ceremonies. They can only allocate you to their next available public ceremony once the Department has received your details.

If you do require an urgent ceremony or online ceremony you will need to make the request and get approval through Home Affairs as we are not authorised to do so.

You can email your requests to ceremony.wa@homeaffairs.gov.au and/or Virtual.Citz.Ceremony@homeaffairs.gov.au

Please be aware you will be required to provide supporting documenting with your request.

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