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By using the City of Canning Website customers can rest assured their personal information will not be shared outside the City of Canning.

When using the City of Canning website customers will from time to time provide information to the City in order to ensure the most effective provision of services. Some of this information will be collected automatically by our website software and some will be specifically requested.  At no time will the City share your information with any third party.

Usage Logs

Every time an element is viewed and/or downloaded from the City of Canning website a a record is recorded of the event including IP Address of the requesting client’s machine, time and date of request, size and name of files sent and received, and type of web browser used. This information will be used to provide a more personalised and speedier services to the customer.  The only time a customer will be identifiyable is if the customer enters their personal details through the website.


From time to time the City of Canning will load simple, brief information (cookies) onto users computers in order to provide more effective online services. Such cookies will only be linked back to any server-based databases to provide a more personalised and faster service to our Customers.  Customers can choose not to allow such information to be uploaded by turning the cookie feature off on their web browser software.

Property Owners Database

The City of Canning maintains a comprehensive database of properties within the City of Canning. This database includes personal information relating to property owners such as names, addresses, and also records of any complaints and enquiries related to a property. The information held in the property database regarding individuals shall not be made available publicly via online services except where secure login methods have been implemented.

Web-Specific Databases

The City of Canning maintains a number of databases specifically to store information utilised by its web services and which include some personal details of individuals. These includes the Online Business Directory, Online Community Directory and e-newsletter subscribers. Entries will only be made to these databases with the express permission of any named individuals and will not be shred to any third parties.

Online Surveys

Where personal information is requested for the purpose of accepting answers to online surveys, that information shall never be publicly displayed in any way that identifies individual users.

External Use of Personal Information

Unless specifically noted at the time of gathering personal information the City of Canning will never knowingly distribute such details to third parties, other than that displayed as part of the normal web services public display methods.

Social Media Guidelines

The City's Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages are monitored by City of Canning staff between 8.15am and 5pm, Monday - Friday. Queries will be forwarded to the relevant department for an appropriate response within 24 hours of receiving the request. If your request is urgent, please log it via our Request It system which is available 24/7 on all devices. Once logged, the system will provide you with real time updates on the status of your request. With over 250 request types to choose from, the City recommends using Request It to look up information fast and log any issues.

The City of Canning’s mission is to be a welcoming and thriving City so the intent of the Facebook page is to foster this vision and provide a friendly, respectful forum where relevant information can be exchanged.

Any inappropriate or offensive content will be removed from the page, as will discussion on upcoming elections, Local, State and Federal. Bullying of any kind isn't allowed and degrading comments about race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity will not be tolerated.

Negative comments about elected members or staff will be removed.

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