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City of Canning adopts 'Better Budget for a Brighter Future'

City of Canning adopts 'Better Budget for a Brighter Future'
28 June 2024

The City of Canning’s 2024-2025 Annual Budget, adopted at last night’s Special Council Meeting, shows the City’s commitment to improving community services and facilities in a sustainable way.

“The aim of the City's annual budget is to balance the needs of our community today while planning for a brighter future tomorrow. I believe this budget successfully achieves these objectives,” said City of Canning Mayor Patrick Hall.

“Our residents have told us that they value community safety, the environment, our events and other recreational experiences, improved transport links and an overall greater sense of community. The $180 million ‘Better Budget for a Brighter Future’ addresses all these priorities in a financially responsible way.”

The City faces increasing costs, including escalating operational costs passed on to us by service and utility providers, reasonable wage increases brought about by the City’s obligation to renegotiate its Enterprise Agreement with staff, and the growing cost of necessary investment in essential maintenance and renewal of the City's aging assets.

Examples of Escalating Costs
Urban forest maintenance ↑ 33%
Weed spraying ↑ 33%
Tree watering ↑ 16%
Insurance ↑ 10%
Utilities and street lighting ↑ 7%
Materials and contracts ↑ 4.1%
Employee costs ↑ 4%
Superannuation ↑ 0.5%

“Every service we provide costs more to deliver and we are not able to absorb these increases, but we have worked hard to minimise our costs without compromising or cutting services,” said Mayor Hall.

The budget includes an average rate increase of $1.37 per week for ratepayers with a 50% discount for pensioners, maintaining Canning's position as one of the lower rating local governments in the metropolitan area.

“Combined with strong economic management and improved operating efficiencies, Council has approved a balanced budget that allows the City to deliver key projects, invest in our future, and improve service delivery,” assured Mayor Hall.

Graphic outlining Canning's 24/25 budget. Please see text in the news article for more information.
Please see the text below for more information or to download the graphic.

The 2024-2025 budget provides $4.91 million for community safety services. This includes $250,000 to upgrade and expand CCTV coverage across the City, and $100,000 to maintain the popular Security Incentive Scheme, which offers a rebate to help residents install home security items.

“We want residents to feel as safe as possible in their homes and the Security Incentive Scheme is one way we achieve this by making security items more affordable,” explained Mayor Hall.

The City has allocated a total of $32.25 million for better parks and playgrounds, maintaining over 500 hectares of parks and sporting reserves, and more than 75,000 street and park trees, which are vital for the tree canopy, creating a cooler, more liveable and sustainable future for residents.

“We recognise that young families are choosing to move to Canning to take advantage of excellent employment opportunities and outstanding schools, so we have committed to offering family-friendly amenities and services,” said Mayor Hall.

“As part of this commitment, Council has approved $8.3 million for new playgrounds, including three new district playgrounds in Shelley, Maniana Park and Kent Street Weir which will be delivered over the next 18 months.”

A further $26.24 million is earmarked to support leisure and lifestyle activities for the community through improvements to many of our much-loved recreational facilities, including Whaleback Golf Course.

“Our two Leisureplexes are incredibly popular, with over 1.5 million visits each year, including more than 40,000 swimming lessons. This budget ensures sufficient funding to maintain our facilities to the standard our community expects,” said Mayor Hall.

The City has allocated $8.64 million for connecting our community by providing better places to learn and interact, including maintaining our three community libraries, two youth centres, the Hillview Intercultural Community Centre and delivering free community events.

“These places provide vital opportunities for people to connect, learn and have fun, strengthening bonds within the local community,” said Mayor Hall.

The budget also provides a further $4.95 million to support our many clubs and community organisations, including much needed upgrades to the Corinthian Park Tennis Club building and Ferndale Reserve change rooms, sports lighting for Ranford Oval, canoe storage at Kent Street Weir, and change room upgrades across the City to encourage female participation in sport.

“We want to provide equal opportunities for our daughters and women in the community to play sport so more can experience the mental, physical and social benefits,” said Mayor Hall.

The 2024-2025 budget sets $31.96 million aside to renew and maintain over 600 kilometres of road, 400 kilometres of cycling and walking paths, expanded transport options and other key infrastructure projects.

“Improving transport and making connectivity around the City easier and safer is crucial to providing a contemporary City not only for today, but for generations to come,” said Mayor Hall.

The budget also sees $17.66 million allocated to improving and managing the City’s waste and recycling services. This includes emptying more than 70,000 bins per week, offering an on-demand bulk waste collection service and providing free tip passes.

“We are committed to making Canning a better place to live while maintaining our position as one of the lower rating Councils in the Perth metropolitan areas,” said Mayor Hall.

If residents are experiencing financial hardship and are having difficulty paying their rates, they are encouraged to contact the City to assist in making alternative payment arrangements.

Residents are also encouraged to sign up to eRates to eliminate postal charges for instalment notices. Accounts receiving a pensioner or senior rebate are exempt from these charges.

For more information about the budget, ratepayer benefits and incentives visit the Rates and Payments page.

City of Canning’s Better Budget – Brighter Future

We’re listening to our community. The results of the Living In Canning survey show that you value:

  • Safety
  • The environment
  • Parks
  • Leisure centres
  • Transport infrastructure
  • Community

$4.91 million for a Safer Community

  • Community Safety Service aims to patrol every street/every week
  • $250,000 to improve CCTV coverage.
  • $100,000 to maintain Security Incentive Scheme.

$26.24 million for Leisure and Lifestyle

  • 2 Leisureplexes & community facilities for hire
  • 1.5 million annual Leisureplex visits including 40,000 swimming lessons
  • Whaleback Golf Course

$31.96 million for Getting Around

  • Over 600km of road
  • 400km of cycle and walk paths
  • Expanded transport options
  • Other infrastructure projects 

$8.64 million for Connecting Community

  • 3 Libraries, 2 youth centres, Hillview Intercultural Community Centre
  • New Year’s Day Concert & Fireworks
  • Muddy Hands Festival
  • Youthfest
  • Australia Day Family Fun Day
  • Mid Week Eats

$4.95 million for Clubs and Community

  • Corinthian Park Tennis Club building upgrades
  • Ranford Oval Sports Lighting
  • Kent St Weir canoe storage
  • Change room upgrades to encourage female participation

$17.66 million for Waste and Recycling

  • On demand bulk waste collection
  • 2x tip passes for residents
  • 70,000 bins emptied per week

$32.25 million for Better Parks and Playgrounds

  • $8.3 million for 7 new playgrounds including 3 district playgrounds
  • 502 hectares of parks & sporting reserves
  • More than 75,000 street & park trees

Download the Better Budget - Brighter Future graphic (PDF 9MB).

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